Institute Strategic Priority Student Assistants 2023-2024

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Students Are Our Priority! The Institute Strategic Plan measure success by the achievements of our students and the impact of our graduates in improving the lives of others.  For more information about the Georgia Tech values, focus areas, initiatives, and more, visit the landing page crafted with students in mind.  

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Share the L.O.V.E.

The Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E. GT) is an initiative centered around promoting the Institute’s primary values: student prioritization, excellence, diversity, collaboration, innovation, freedom of inquiry and expression, community well-being, ethicality and responsibility. This initiative seeks to better organizational culture, centered around the behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, priorities and experiences of the campus community at the Institute.  Supporting and empowering everyone — students, faculty, staff, alumni, and affiliates — to embed the values in their daily interactions is a core objective of L.O.V.E. GT.  

The initiative is organized into three components:  

  • Leadership - seeks to train and equip leaders to “lead by example” in living our values every day.

  •  Engagement - focuses on communicating and connecting values to the fabric of our daily work. 

  • Systems - works to ensure that internal policies, practices, and procedures reflect Georgia Tech’s values.

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2023 GT Culture Survey Results

This past spring, the GT community engaged in the 2023 GT Culture Survey, providing an opportunity for faculty and staff to share feedback about their workplace experiences. The results provide valuable insights into our strengths and areas for improvement, as we work setting the stage to achieve consistent alignment between our values and our daily practices.  The survey, opened from April 11 to May 3, 2023, elicited responses from 2,099 faculty and staff, with a response rate of 20.4%, a slight increase from 2021. 

Explore the latest campus culture insights by viewing the 2023 GT Culture Survey PDF.

Engagement Opportunities

L.O.V.E GT Day

October 25 | 11AM - 1PM | Tech Green

Enjoy sweet treats, grab cool swag, and connect with colleagues to celebrate and recognize our community for Living Our Values Everyday.

Don't miss the chance to meet new colleagues!

‘Leading our Values Everyday’ Workshop

October 3, 2023 | Virtual | Register on the GT Training Website 

December 11, 2023 | In-Person | Register on the GT Training Website 

'Psychological Safety' Workshops

November 6, 2023 | Virtual | Register on the GT Training Website 

L.O.V.E. GT News and Quotes

Our values are our lodestar.

"Our love for Georgia Tech is what will bring us together. Even where we have ideological differences, we have to find common agreement on how we live our values as an organization every day." — Sonia Alvarez-Robinson

Survey Underway to Assess Georgia Tech Culture

The Living Our Values Every Day (L.O.V.E. GT) initiative seeks to create a better organizational culture, centered around the behaviors, beliefs, assumptions, priorities and experiences of the campus community.

Click 'Read More' to take our survey! 

April Survey of Faculty and Staff to Assess Campus Culture

Survey input from faculty and staff will help identify the areas within our culture where we are succeeding and where we can improve.

Our values are foundational in everything we do.

“The mission and the values are not just words on paper. They describe who we are and who we aspire to be every day.” — President Ángel Cabrera

Communicating Our Progress

April 11 - May 3 - 2023 GT Culture Survey Administration

Faculty and staff provided feedback on various aspects of their workplace experiences, including their observations of how well the GT values are upheld, their feelings of psychological safety and engagement, their assessment of behaviors and practices related to each value, their appreciation for aspects of the culture, suggestions for enhancing it, and the identification of any policies, processes, or procedures that may hinder a positive culture.


Leader Engagement Sessions

In a series of discussions, leaders acquired valuable insights into their observations regarding values, psychological safety, and engagement both at the institution-wide level and within their respective units and departments. These leaders were equipped with the Culture Improvement Toolkit, thoughtfully crafted to provide actionable insights drawing from diverse perspectives, fostering holistic learning and growth, and informed by best practices and appreciative inquiry. This toolkit also offers foundational guidance on seamlessly integrating core values into day-to-day activities, all conveniently packaged within a comprehensive, one-stop booklet.

Leader Discussions occurred:

June 26 - Executive Leadership Team

July 18 - Cabinet+

July 27 - HR Business Partners

August 16 - Senior Leaders Retreat


2023 GT Culture Survey Results Article


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Project Team & Partners

Project Team

Byron Fitch, GTSC
Kendra Lewis-Strickland, GTSC
Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, GTSC

Executive Steering Committee

Danette Joslyn-Gaul
Jodi Geary
Skye Duckett
Pearl Alexander
Luoluo Hong
Wayne Davenport
Jarmon DeSadier

Key Partners

Institute Communications
Office of General Counsel
Internal Audit
Human Resources
Diversity Inclusion and Engagement
Student Engagement and Well-Being
Enterprise Risk Management
Employee Relations
Staff Council

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