With the Institute well underway in its efforts to advance the new strategic plan (2020-2030) through 20 specific strategic initiatives, we have developed a dedicated space to summarize the progress being made across the strategic plan's six focus areas: Amplify Impact, Champion Innovation, Connect Globally, Expand Access, Cultivate Well-Being, and Lead by Example.

Check out the collection of data below to see how the Institute is doing on a few key performance indicators in these focus areas.

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Amplify Impact

Embrace our power as agents of change for the public good and generate talent, ideas, and solutions with unmatched impact and scale to help define and address the most critical problems of our time, locally and globally. Read more about Amplify Impact.

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Champion Innovation

Champion our leadership position as an engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, and collaborate with other public and private actors to create economic opportunity and mobility and position Atlanta and Georgia as examples of inclusive innovation. Read more about Champion Innovation.


in startup investment
capital as of FY 2022


ATDC companies
graduated as of 2022


Jobs created or saved
via EI2 as of 2019

Expand Access

Empower people of all backgrounds and stages of life to learn and contribute to technological and human progress. Read more about Expand Access.

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Connect Globally

Strengthen our role as a convener of worldwide collaboration and build a global learning network to expand our reach and amplify our impact. Read more about Connect Globally.

Cultivate Well-Being

Strengthen our culture of well-being and create an environment of holistic learning where all members of our community can grow and learn to lead healthy, purposeful, impactful lives. Read more about Cultivate Well-Being.

Lead by Example

Lead and inspire by example by creating a culture of deliberate innovation in all our practices and be an example of efficiency, sustainability, ethics, equity, and inclusion. Read more about Lead by Example.