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Students, faculty and staff offer varied perspectives, aspirations, and dreams for the future of the Institute. Every individual stakeholder is an essential contributor in this ongoing conversation. Learn how a few of these community members hope to build a collaborative, inquisitive, and innovative future together.


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A Dream for Young Learners

Ralph Kindler attended the All Campus Visioning Session on November 8th. Listen to him describe his biggest dream for Georgia Tech.

Ralph Kindler
Student, School of Materials Science and Engineering

Video Length: 0:18

Jackson Caruso

Jackson Caruso

It’s super important for student voices to be heard in the strategic planning process because this is the vision that we want to create for our Institute for years to come, and as students we get to shape and be the voice for the Institute."

—Jackson Caruso

Student, School of Public Policy


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What Wonderful Things

Jerry Seitzman shared what he loved most about the ideas shared at the Visioning Session.

Jerry Seitzman
Professor, Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering

Video Length: 0:18

Jennifer Hirsch

Jennifer Hirsch

Who knew Strategic Planning could be so uplifting? The stories we shared were personal and communal at the same time. I left with a new understanding of our culture and values at GT – and of why I enjoy coming to work every day. Appreciative Inquiry is very similar to the Asset-based Community Development approach we use in SLS for working with community partners based on their strengths. Starting with the positive makes all the difference – and I’m excited to see where this all leads!”

-Jennifer Hirsch

Applied Anthropologist and Director


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Creating a Diverse Culture

Listen to Lindsey Laney speak about extending the reach of education to be more inclusive.

Lindsey Laney
Academic Program Manager, Georgia Tech Professional Education

Video Length: 0:47

Juan Achila

Juan Achila

I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of people I don’t know and to learn about other departments and what they do at Georgia Tech and how they see working at Georgia Tech."

—Juan Archila

Director of Facilities and Capital Planning,
College of Sciences


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Thinking Big About the Future

Georgia Tech Professor and alumna Annie Antón on the future of the Institute from many different perspectives.

Annie Antón
Professor, College of Computing

Video Length: 0:29


The appreciative inquiry exercise provided a refreshing take on strategic planning thinking. We are often in fix-it mode, and this provided dedicated space to ground ourselves in the strengths of the Institute as a way forward. In particular, we shared a desire to focus on access, service, and innovation. As I heard from my colleagues in the room, I sat both humbled and excited to be a part of Georgia Tech’s future."

—Michael Toney
Director of Academic Administration

Michael Toney

Michael Toney


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A Well-Rounded Life

Brielle contributes her thoughts on what creates an ideal experience for learners.

Brielle Lonsberry
Student, Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Video Length: 0:24

Surabi Srinivasan

Surabi Srinivasan

It’s important for students who are affected by strategic decisions in everyday life to speak up for what they want.”

—Surabi Srinivasan

Student, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering


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Big Vision and Passion for Students

Anna Walker talks about the aspirations of faculty and staff looking to the future of education at Georgia Tech.

Anna Walker
Director of Development, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Video Length: 0:32


I love the amount of pride the students have for the work they do! They are truly creating the future and being a part of that future is really beautiful."

—Rachel Hurst
Student, School of Computer Science

Rachel Hurst

Rachel Hurst


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Number One Public University

Santhosh participated in the Visioning Session to represent the importance of student voices in the community.

Santhosh Saravanan
Student, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Video Length: 0:15


It’s important for the student voice to be heard so that an equal opinion is heard throughout the body of Georgia Tech.”

—Jalen Borne
Student, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jalen Borne

Jalen Borne


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Music Technology

Music professor Grace Leslie has big ideas for musical partnership and innovation.

Grace Leslie
Assistant Professor, School of Music

Video Length: 0:24


I would like to see Georgia Tech continue to ‘push the envelope’ on sustainability and become a greener community. We have done a lot of good work in the last couple of years and I’d like to see continued growth in that direction.”

—Kevin Cruse
HR Business Partner, Scheller College of Business

Kevin Cruse

Kevin Cruse


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A Lot Has Changed

Kim Cobb shares her amazement at the things that have changed at Georgia Tech over the years.

Kim Cobb
Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Video Length: 0:34


Georgia Tech must ensure that Georgians feel like Tech is place for them. We have a reputation for being great for engineers, computer scientists, and technologists, but we are more than that. Providing access to Georgia Tech camps and interactions with our professors and students early on shows the breadth of technologies and work that’s happening here and shows that the community and the community’s problems matter to us.”

—Sheila Isbell
Division Chief for the Software Engineering and Analytics Division, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Sheila Isbell

Sheila Isbell


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International and Intercultural

Continued support for students from around the world is a top priority for Sarah Kegley.

Sarah Kegley
International Teaching Assistant Program Manager, Center for Teaching and Learning

Video Length: 0:49