6 Institute Goals, 20 Strategic Initiatives

The Institute assembled teams specific to 20 initiatives supportive of the Institute’s six strategic focus areas.

From April – June 2021, these groups met to evaluate partnerships and key collaborations, determine metrics and KPIs, explore information/data needs, and estimate initial resource requirements.

Amplify Impact 1. Enrollment Strategy
2. *Research Next
3. *Transformative Learning
4. *Anchor Institution

    *GTPE Next
    *DEI Plan
Champion Innovation 5. Commercialization
6. *Arts @ GT

    *Transformative Learning/Teaching
    *Anchor Institution
    *GTPE Next
    *Future of Work @ GT
Connect Globally 7. Global Learning & Partnerships
8. GT Atrium
9. *Sustainability Next

    *Research Next
Expand Access 10. Need-based Funding
11. *Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan
12. GTPE Next

      *Enrollment Strategy
      *Future of Work @ GT
      *Research Next
Cultivating Wellbeing 13. Wellbeing Plan
14. L.O.V.E. GT
15. Athletics Plan

     *Arts @ GT
     *DEI Plan
     *Future of Work @ GT
     *Research Next
Lead by Example 16. AdminX
17. Data Excellence
18. Future of Work @ GT
19. Campus Master Plan
20. Budget Transformation

     *DEI Plan
     *Sustainability Next
     *L.O.V.E. GT
     *Research Next

Note: The 20 items numbered in bold indicate where their primary focus originated. However, the asterisked items reflect how these initiatives are advancing multiple goals. This is evolving and will likely be updated in the near future.

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